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Happy Easter!

Who is looking forward to Easter candy, chocolate, hard boiled eggs and family gatherings? I know I am, and so are my dogs and cats, or so they thing.   This holiday, along with many others, also bring common concerns for our pets.  Cats and dogs find the decorative plastic Easter grass as a fun toy and something to eat.  This can lead to an obstruction in the bowel or worse, a linear foreign body that can cut through the intestines.  Chocolate is toxic to our pets and many candies now include artificial sugars that can cause liver failure and low blood sugar in them.  These are just a few of the possible dangers brought on by this holiday.

Most Common Risks:

  • Chocolate toxicity
  • Xylitol toxicity
  • Lily toxicity
  • Easter Daisy toxicity
  • Foreign body ingestion of plastic grass
  • Pancreatitis from eating fatty foods or sudden change in diet
  • Fertilizers & Herbicides from yard work or indoor plants

That being said, we can include them safely in many ways.  Below are some links for safe pet treats you can make for your dogs and cats.