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All pets should wear collars with tags that identify them and provide your contact information, but tags may become worn and impossible to read or may slip off. A microchip is the only form of pet identification that is permanent, with a unique number that cannot be altered or removed.  Pet microchips are not tracking devices; however, if your pet is lost and brought to a shelter or veterinarian’s office, their microchip can be scanned, showing your contact information to reunite you and your pet.

A pet microchip, the size of a grain of rice, goes under your pet’s skin. The procedure is simple and similar to administering a vaccine or a routine shot. The process takes only a few seconds, with no anesthesia or sedation is required.  After your pet is microchipped you can apply for a lifetime license!

Lehigh County: https://www.lehighcounty.org/Departments/Fiscal-Tax-Claims/Licenses-Permits

Northampton County: https://www.northamptoncounty.org/FISAFF/REVENUE/Pages/DOG-LICENSES.aspx