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Does your pet have allergies?



Atopy- A fancy word for environmental/ inhaled allergies!

As the trees start to bud, the grass starts to grow and the flowers start to bloom we start to see a dramatic increase in allergy signs in many of our pets.  


Frequently for many of our pets that means:

  • Licking feet
  • Itchy ears and increased number of ear infections
  • Scratching sides
  • Scooting/ Anal gland problems
  • Secondary skin infections

If your pet has mild allergies there are many things you can try at home:

  • Start your pet on omega fatty acids
  • Wipe down paws or rinse pet off after being outside
  • Routine baths
  • Routine cleaning of ears- sometimes this can help prevent the secondary infections!
  • Try and antihistamine!  Did you know that our pets can take benadryl, zyrtec or claritin?  

If your pet is still very itchy then you may need us.  There are many medications that can help your furry family member.