Holiday Tips for your Dog

Holiday Tips for your Pet

Two of the most common questions we get around the holidays are: “What do I do about my dog that gets car sick?”  “What do I do about my dog who ate …..?”  So we thought we would provide some holiday tips for you!

Traveling outside the Lehigh Valley?  Some pets may be great travel companions but for the ones that get “car sick” you have to try and figure out are they truly getting nauseous or are they anxious?

Nauseous Anxious
Licking lips Pacing
Drooling Panting
Vomiting Whining


If your dog gets nauseous try to feed them a small meal about 1 hour before your travel so that they do not have a big full stomach but also do not have an empty one!  If that does not work contact your veterinarian to see if a dose of an antacid like Pepcid may be appropriate.  If that still does not work then your veterinarian might be able to prescribe you a medication called Cerenia that is a great medication to prevent nausea!

If your dog is anxious try to make sure they have a favorite bed, a favorite toy and can see you!  It is also helpful to exercise your pet before you load them into the car.  If they are exhausted from a nice long walk or really good romp at the dog park they may be more likely to settle and sleep!  If that does not work there are also natural remedies you can try like Adaptil Collars, Composure Treats by Vetri-science or even ThunderShirts.  If all of that STILL doesn’t work then again contact your veterinarian to see if there is a medication to help!

Vomiting and Diarrhea:  The other frequent call we get this time of the year is about a dog who ate something they shouldn’t have and now are vomiting or have diarrhea.  If you see your dog swallow something please call your veterinarian immediately!  Your veterinarian can help determine if “it” is toxic, if you should be seen immediately so they can make your pet vomit or if “it” is no big deal.

Call your veterinarian Try to manage it at home
ANYTIME you are unsure or have a question! One episode of vomit or diarrhea
Vomiting every time he eats or drinks Is otherwise acting normal
Lethargic No other medical concerns
Large amount of blood in the stool
Blood in the vomit
Seems painful

If you decide to try and manage it at home again here are some things to consider:

Do not feed your dog for 12 hours: This is ok if your dog is an adult dog with no other medical conditions.  This can be very dangerous if your dog is a puppy, a teacup or miniature breed or if your dog has other metabolic or health concerns.

Offer a bland diet: Boiled chicken and rice or boiled beef and rice are great combinations.  You want the mixture to be about 75% rice and 25% protein.  If your pet has been vomiting start small!  Start with a tablespoon of food at a time and slowly increase meal size as long as your pet is not vomiting.  Once your pets stool returns to normal start SLOWLY adding back in their regular diet.

Probiotics:  If you know your pet is prone to diarrhea from stress or if they eat anything new your veterinarian can prescribe a probiotic to start before you even start your holiday fun.